Event portal for Edinburgh

Guide to Edinburgh

The Project

The client wished to create a central hub to showcase all that goes on in the city of Edinburgh. A valuable resource of information about events and venues, it is targeted at both locals and visitors to the city.

I worked on this project under NDA, so it has been left deliberately vague.

My Role

  • Sketching
  • Responsive Wireframing
  • Visual Design
  • Front End Build

Due to a non dislosure agreement I am unable to reference this project specifically, or share any of the deliverables created for it.

The Process


Working closely with the UX researcher, and based on their research and resulting IA structure, we sketched multiple iterations of the user journeys and the layout of the page templates. Being a responsive site, we sketched multiple layouts for each of the templates, trying to envision how the content would be structured for the various devices on which it would be required to be display branded.

Responsive Wireframing

Taking the sketches we had produced, I then developed them into fully responsive html wireframes that could be viewed in the browser. This allowed me to test the layouts on various devices, and play with the breakpoints so that they worked across all these devices with various screen sizes smoothly.

Creating responsive wireframes also allowed the client to view the layouts on any device that they happened to have at hand, and would see how it would be display branded in that environment.

Visual Design

For this particular site, due to requests of the client, we created visual mockups of some select pages on the site so that they could be signed off before creating the final templates for the site.

The site was to be clean and minimal, with the images and content being the stars of the show. The client was very happy with the resulting design that I presented.

Front End Build

Using the responsive wireframes and the visual designs, I created the various templates required by the developer to be used on the content management system.

Using a combination of frontend technologies such as SASS, Bower, Assemble templating systems and minifying solutions I worked closely with the developer to create templates that worked in harmony with the CMS.

Project Review

With every project there are good bits and bad bits, and the only way to work on projects that have more good bits than not so good bits is to learn, and apply what is learned to new projects.

What went well?

  • Great to work on a project that has far reaching audience. Not only will there be a large number of local people, there will also be a large number of the international community interacting with the site.
  • Pleased with the clear and responsive design that I created for it.

What would I change?

  • I would have liked to have had more time for user testing at each round of designs. Due to time restraints this really wasn’t possible.
  • I felt that the branding didn’t lend itself well to being display branded at small sizes on small screens, making it difficult to work with.